Friday, September 7, 2018

Bonjour! Bienvenue à l'année scolaire 2018-2019

Cette année nous sommes une grande classe mixte de 5e et 6e année! Nous avons passé une bonne semaine ensemble!  J'ai hâte à partir à l'aventure avec mes nouveaux élèves cette année.

There are many ways in which you can stay informed and support your child's learning this year.  I will do my best to update the following accounts so that if you choose to sign up or follow one, you will be kept abreast of our activities. 

We have a class Twitter account and a class Website to provide you with a window to our classroom and to help support your involvement in your child's education.  Please take the time to visit the website that may provide some helpful links for you.

I have really enjoyed my first week with your child and I look forward to our year together.

Kimberly Lemire

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Links for Students


Place Value Pirates click here

Naming Numbers click here

Math Prodigy click here

Multiplication Games click here


Tumblebooks click here Username: scdsb123 password:reads

Thursday, September 14, 2017

What We Are Currently Learning


We have begun a read aloug, La nouvelle maîtresse.  We try to read from this book daily, as well as during our Temps de thé, responding to the text in our journal and working on building our vocabulary.  Students have individual dictée words taken from the mistakes they make in their own journal.  Our first dictée will be on Friday, September 22.  In our journals, we are working on responding to the text in paragraph form.  Students are encouraged to fully develop their ideas.  

We are also reading and writing around the theme of le respect (envers soi-même, envers les autres, et envers la communauté).  This theme will allow us to engage in rich discussions, read non-fiction texts, specifically biographies, analyse the features of text, and then write a biography. We will study grammar, in context, to support our writing. 

In the next couple of weeks, benchmarks will be completed to determine students current reading levels, and guided reading will begin.  Mme Carter and I, are working towards setting up an at-home reading program, that can be, hopefully, accessed online.


In our Heritage and Identity unit, we will learn about key characteristics of various First Nations and European settler communities in New France up to 1713, this term.  



Our current unit in health focuses on healthy relationships and personal safety, in person and online.  We will continue to investigate bullying, including cyber-bullying.  We will examine how our actions can effect our, and other's, emotional well-being, self-concept, and reputation (negative actions, as well as positive actions such as praising, supporting, and advocating).  The following videos have guided our discussions and our lessons, thus far.


Our present focus is responding to text in meaningful ways.  We are reading a series of read alouds that are centered around similar themes.  Students are learning to use evidence from the text to support complex inferences about the author's message.  They are learning to extend their thinking well beyond the text in deep, significant ways.  I have modeled, then we co-wrote a response.  Now students are group writing an inference to the text "Ish".  With the gradual release of responsibility, students will write their own inferences about the author's message.


With Mme Denbok, students are working towards building their own body system.  


Each student has been assigned a job that they are responsible for throughout a two week cycle.

At the end of each day, we stop to complete our jobs and to write in our agendas.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with your children.  Thank you for entrusting them to my care.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the near future.

Kimberly Lemire

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


As the 2017-2018 school year begins, we are busy establishing routines and success criteria. We are focusing on a Growth Mindset, Group Work, Respect, Netiquette, and Positive Self-Talk.

We have a tentative class timetable that may change before the month is through, so please be prepared to adapt.

Your child has two teachers, myself and Mme Denbok.  Mme Denbok teaches les sciences, la musique, le drame, la danse et l'éducation physique (en français).  I teach all other subjects.  Mme Denbok can be reached at  I can be reached at Please feel free to contact us whenever you feel that it is necessary.


We discussed our image of la classe idéale, then from there established our class rules.  We all signed the contract.


We participated in a variety of team building activities and group work situations such as Sauver Fred, Le pyramide de tasses, la dictée en course, and Four Fours.  From those experiences, we were able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group/team work.  We created the success criteria for group work, so that we can all take full advantage of being part of shared learning activity.

The Running Dictée is a team dictée.  Each member of the team has a role, (runner, recorder, correctors), the roles switch every couple of minutes. The team works together, secretly, to transcribe their dictée correctly.

Save Fred!  Fred spent his summer sailing the Great Lakes.  Unfortunately, our little friend Fred does not know how to swim, nor did her put on his life saver.  You guessed it!  His boat capsized and students had to work together to save Fred before he drowned.  They had to retrieve the life jacket from beneath the boat, and put it on Fred (who was holding on to the boat for dear life).  All the maneuvers had to be completed without touching Fred, the life jacket, or the boat with hands.  Students had four paperclips to use as "hands".  Together, they tried, and tried again, to complete the task, while learning from their mistakes and fostering a cooperative spirit.

In the following team building and growth mindset activity, students worked together to build a pyramid, using an elastic band as the only way to touch the objects.  They could not touch the cups, nor the elastic with their hands.  Some teams became very frustrated, but all teams were able to learn from their mistakes, respect the leadership and ideas of others, and work together to accomplish their goal.

The first team to achieve their goal!!!

 In Math class, partners or groups of three, put their heads together to use four fours, with any combination of operations, to work towards building all the whole numbers from 0 - 50.  This is an ongoing challenge.


Ask your child to explain what led up to the following ceremony of burning our put downs.  Have him/her explain the power of our inner voice and the importance of positive self-talk.

In health class, and with the support of Mme Thompson, we have been learning about Internet safety and the Netiquette.  So far, this is the success criteria that we have come up with to help guide our online usage.

Another post will follow to show you what we have been learning in the different subject areas, but I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of how we are fostering the atmosphere that we want to maintain in our classroom throughout the year.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Extra Practise: Time Challenges (Games)

Try out this game to help you convert between a 12 h and 24 h clock.  Time Challenge  It looks like this.

Calculate Elapsed Time:  Game  It looks like this:

Adding Time Word Problems:  Here


Elapsed Time Association Game:  Click Here

Looks like this:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Calculating Elapsed Time Extra Practise.

Some students wanted to practice calculating elapsed time in months, weeks, and days.  Here are some Nelson Math practise questions for them.

Practise calculating elapsed time to the second.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Some Photos of our Community Love

On Friday, we took part in a beautiful Remembrance Day Ceremony.  Thank you to Mme Doval, Mrs. Edwards, and all participants for putting together such a moving ceremony.

We began our week with a beautiful walk on the trail and through the cornfield.  We had to take advantage of the lovely November weather we have been getting, appreciate our beautiful community, and try and clear our minds to ready it for learning.

This morning, Grades 5-8, participated in a Live Google Hangout session with Timber Lea School in Fort McMurray, as well as our area schools: Nottawa, Bing, Cameron, Connaught, and Mountain View.  We wanted to meet, and talk to the school, that we all helped out with our Spring fundraising.  The people of the community have been through so much loss with the fire, we wanted to see how they were making out. It was a pretty awesome experience.  Thank you to Hillary and Liam for being the voice of our school.